Help With Cookies

Some web sites use cookies to keep track of who is logged on. If you are having problems with a website that uses cookies, check through the guidelines below to ensure your internet browser is set up correctly to allow cookies.These guidelines refer to 'Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6' for guidelines for other internet browsers see here
1)Select the 'Tools' button on the Internet Browser menu
2)Select 'Internet Options' from the drop down menu.
3)Select the 'Privacy' tab from the 'Internet Options' menu.
4)Click the 'Edit' button on the 'Privacy' page.
5)Paste the address of the web site eg "" into the box called 'Address of web site'
6)Click the 'Allow' button.
7)Click the 'OK' button on this (Per Site Privacy Actions) page.
8)Click the 'OK' button on the 'Internet Options' page.

Useful Links
An AOL guide to enabling cookies
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