Printing Web-Pages

If you are trying to print web-pages and find that some of the content of the page is not being printed out please carry out the following operations on your internet browser(instructions apply to Internet Explorer 6).
1) Select the 'Tools' on the top of your internet browser.
2)Select 'Internet Options' from the drop down menu.
3)Select the 'Advanced' tab from the 'Internet Options' menu.
4)Scroll down the 'Advanced' menu to the 'Printing' checkbox.
5)Click the mouse inside the 'Print background colors and images' box.
6)Click 'Ok'.
If your internet browser is called 'Mozilla FireFox' or 'Netscape' please follow the instructions below instead
1)Select the 'File' menu.
2)Select 'Print background colors and images' in the 'Options' box.
You should find that now, all web-page content (including background colors) is printed.